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We are proud to showcase work from some of the world's most respected artists. From decorated National Geographic photographers to award winning aerial cinematographers, AES is the premier destination to hire the right photographer for your needs.

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Vadim Sherbakov

Russian Federation

An independant art direction and aerial photographer. ,...

25676 52 6

Giannis Labropoulos


Passionate artist for aerial cinematic filming, much detail on all tho,...

8215 52 6

Ian Johnson

United States


20650 52 6



Award winning filmmaking company in Mauritius that is the reference wh,...

3981 52 6

Anders Hanssen


"Anders Hanssen is a Norwegian photographer who specialises i,...

665 52 6

Serge Marizy


Producer/Director and creator of the TV Series Zone Australe that has ,...

66503 52 6

Nick Foxall

Hong Kong

An experienced TV and video producer, editor, writer and cameraman bas,...

204 52 6

Morten Bastholm


Danish drone pilot and photographer,...

14427 52 6

Mick Walker

United Kingdom

UK Based Aerial Consultancy,...

5335 52 6

Adam Thulin


ProCam started to fly RC helicopter with camera in 2005, but has since,...

4244 52 6

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